Take a Journey from Buffalo to Ireland…without the jetlag
Thomas McDade and Odessa Pictures will deliver Ireland right into your living room! IrishMosaics, is truly a unique and dynamic DVD showcasing Ireland, past and present teeming with beautiful scenery, beloved Irish celebrities, haunting Irish music, crazy Irish sports, short films, pop music, and much more. IrishMosaics will take you to the heart of Ireland and you won't need your Dramamine.

"Ireland is an amazing place, a truly brilliant amalgam of old and new. You will see a typical whitewashed cottage with a thatched roof, and, in the back yard, a satellite dish. That is the Ireland we wanted to bring to the North American public. That’s why we have produced IrishMosaics.”
- Tom McDade, President, Quintamar, Inc.

• IrishMosaics is an exciting original concept developed by Quintamar, Inc. It allows the viewer to create a unique experience by selecting the material they want to see in the order they want to see it. By allowing the viewer to create their own viewing experience, Quintamar, Inc. assures that everyone, Irish or not, will enjoy IrishMosaics.
• There are 17 complete video segments on each IrishMosaics DVD. Total running time of the IrishMosaics DVD is 180 minutes. Each segment runs between 3 and 30 minutes in length.
• World renown actors featured in IrishMosaics include Milo O'Shea, Pierce Brosnan, and Gabriel Byrne.

"Hurling is the craziest sport I've ever seen! Thanks for including the rules in the bonus material"
- Steve Powell, Buffalonian.com

The bonus material on the IrishMosaics DVD gives the viewer entertaining and informative additional information about the related audio-visual segments. They may be anecdotal, geographical, or historical, but they are always fun!


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-This is a product created by the Irish and and compiled and mastered in Buffalo!


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