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The Pan American Exposition

The Pan-American Exposition
See Pictures of the Pan-Am expo on this page where our city was on display for the world!


Niagara Street -Buffalo

(07.08.02) This image is from an old postcard marked: "Looking out Niagara Street from Main Street showing McKinley monument, BUffalo, NY. Date unkown. -Photo: Steve Powell

The Bird Island Pier -Buffalo, NY 1913 beer wagrons from the Christian Weyand Brewery The Sidway Block St. Josephs Cathedral -Buffalo Buffalo Harbor before the turn of the last century
(06.02.02) The Bird Island Pier as is appeared in 1913. This area is currently occupied by a small park located at the foot of Ferry Street. The power line tower is still in use today. If you stood at the spot where this view was taken you would now see the Peace Bridge spanning the Niagara. (06.10.02) This photo shows one of the beer wagons from the Christian Weyand Brewery located at Main and Godell Streets in Buffalo, NY around 1900. Photo: James Daley (06.18.02) The Sidway Block in 1911 at the corner Terrace and Main Streets in Buffalo.Today this building houses the Pearl Street Brewery & Grill. The owners at the time were Franklin Sidway and the Estate of Jonathan Sidway. The business on the ground floor is Root, Neal & Co which is still in operation today (at a different location). Photo: Steve Powell (06.24.02) This rare photo is listed as "Views on the Line of the Erie Railway." L.E. Walker Publishers, Warsaw, NY. The date is unkown. It looks simialr to the famous C.L. Pond Collection of photos in format. The date is unkown. -Submitted by: Mark Lipchick, Palo Alto, Ca.
(07.01.02) The Buffalo Harbor before the turn of the last century. The name of the two tugs shown are no readable. The best we can guess is the boat on the left is the Grace Danforth -Buffalo and the one on the right is the Robert H. HE___S[sic]. Any suggestions as to their proper names are welcome. The source book of this photo is unkowm. Possibly Palmers Views. Photo: James Daley
Hurley's Hotel Undated Buffalo photo Buffalo Water Works and Pumping Station Garment Factory 1919 photo shows "colored"troops reuring home to Buffalo

(04.29.02) Hurley's Hotel owned by the infamous William J. "Fingy" Conners. Conners was arguably the most powerful man ever to live in Buffalo. Conners ruled between 4,000-6,000 men and was known as an iron fisted job boss.

(05.08.02) Undated and unidentified photo of the Buffalo waterfront. Image: Ron Rak (05.13.02) The Buffalo City Water Works and Pumping Station as they appeared in 1897. Now the the path of Route 190 at the Peace Bridge. This wonderful sketch also shows the Erie Canal and a railroad line. Photo: Steve Powell (05.20.02) An unidentified Buffalo garment factory. Undated. CLICK HERE TO VIEW. Photo: James Daley

(05.26.02) This 1919 photo shows "colored" troops returning home to Buffalo from World War I. The caption of the photo reads "-Another of Dr. Bruoso's Contigents." -Photo: Steve Powell

Street Car Strike of April 1913
St. Pats Parade on Elk Street
Main street in Buffalo in 1901
B., NY & P Railway Front Park in 1857

(03.25.02) This Buffalo Express photo showing armed troops being brought in to assist Buffalo police in controlling the The International Railway Company (IRC) strike of 1913. On April 6, the IRC employees walked off the job. During the four day strike over 400 trolley cars were sabotaged by protesters. -Photo: Steve Powell
-Thanks to Mark Wozniak of WBFO Radio for the info.

(04.01.02) This photo was taken on March 16, 1936 of members of Union workers from the grain employees Local, No. 1286 marching in the St. Patricks day parade. Photo is from the Courier-Express. Two days later Buffalo was hit with the greatest snowfall ever up to that time.
(04.08.02) This 1901 photo is looking up (North) Main street in Buffalo from the Ellicott Square Building. -photo: Steve Powell (04.16.02) The Early passenger station of the B., NY & P Railway at Louisiana and Exhange Streets. Date of the photo is unkown. -photo: Steve Powell
(04.22.02) Front Park in 1857 during the State Agricultural Fair held that year at Buffalo's waterfront. In 1843 Frederick Douglass spoke at this same park. Lithograph from J. Sages & Son.-Image: Steve Powell

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More Images from the Buffalonian Collection
Volume I| Volume II| Volume III | Volume IV | Volume V | Volume VI | Volume VII | Volume VIII | Volume IX

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