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The Pan American Exposition

The Pan-American Exposition
See Pictures of the Pan-Am expo on this page where our city was on display for the world!

Street Car Strike of April 1913

(03.25.02) This Buffalo Express photo showing armed troops being brought in to assist Buffalo police in controlling the The International Railway Company (IRC) strike of 1913. On April 6, the IRC employees walked off the job. During the four day strike over 400 trolley cars were sabotaged by protesters.

-Photo: Steve Powell
-Thanks to Mark Wozniak of WBFO Radio for the info.

The old Erie Canal taken sometime before 1897
74th Regement Armory Main Street in Buffalo 1890 1950 -McVans Nightclub on Niagara SHOOT THE CHUTES
(02.10.02) The old Erie Canal taken sometime before 1897. Note the two workers of the barge. -Source: Souvenir, Buffalo Brewers Association, 1897..
(02.18.02) The 74th Regiment armory at Elmwood Ave and Virginia.-Source: Geschichte der Dutschen in Buffalo, 1898 (02.24.02) Early photo of Main Street (Before 1890). Photo is unidentified but appears similar to a CL Pond Photo. (03.01.02) 1950 -McVans Nightclub on Niagara and Hertel Styreet in Buffalo. Now the site of a Wilson Farms convience store. McVans was raided several times during Prohibition for operating as a speakeasy. These patrons are drinking Simon Pure Beer (a Buffalo Brand).
-Photo: Robert Petruzzi

(03.17.02) SHOOT THE CHUTES -On the 1893 Sanborn maps two corners of a park are shown, one is Main& E. Delavan with Scajaquada Creek cutting it off and northeast of that it is labeled "BUFFALO ATHLETIC FIELDS" with the outline of a track and sizable grandstand connected to a "GATE" on Main St approximately 500' from the corner.
50' north of that is a rectangular area named "SHOOT THE CHUTES" with an approximately 30x60' building or area marked "IRON CLAD" which would be the type of building material, I have to assume. On the key sheet Driving Park is simply named "Fair Grounds" and not covered in detail within. As the Sanborns were fire insurance related they often ignored unbuilt areas, sometimes just leaving them entirely blank as if there was nothing there at all. Two other buildings off Delevan approximately 400' from Main St. are shown, both labeled "TRAINING QUARTERS." In the section which shows the corner of E. Delevan and Jefferson is another building about 100' east of the other two which is not labeled.

-Text: J. Henry Priebe, jr.
-Photo: Rich Schwegler & Sharon Centannecentans

Swan Street at Seneca Olympic Theater Squire St. Vincent's The bridge over Delaware Avenue
(01.06.02) The Corner of Swan Street at Seneca near Ellicott Square Prior to 1895. -Photo taken from the Picturebook or Earlier Buffalo (01.13.02) An IRC "Breaker" Streetcar with a snowplow attached to the front. This picture was taken during the great snow of March 18, 1936 in the Seneca Street-Hydraullics section of Buffalo. -Source: Buffalo Courier Express March 18, 1936. (01.20.02) The old Olympic Theater at Lafyette Square in downtown Buffalo during the 1920's.

(01.27.02)Squier Bulding formerly St. Vincent's Female Orphan Asylum, Buffalo (in charge of the Sisters of Charity. -Date Unkown

-Photo: submitted by John Conlin, Western New York Heritage Press

(02.03.02) The bridge over Delaware Avenue that passes between Forest Lawn Cemetary and Hoyt Lake somewhere before 1898. The bridge now serves as an overpass for Rte. 198.

-Source: Geschichte der Dutschen in Buffalo, 1898

Beer Toast
Erie Canal Locks at Buffalo
E & B Holmes
Buffalo Co-Operative Brewing Company

(12.01.01) A group of men gathered at the waterfront for a toast. Date of photo unknown. -WNYPI

(12.16.01) E & B Holmes Plaining Mill at Michigan Street and the Canal in 1880. One of the oldest continually operating companies in Buffalo E & B is still in business today on Chicago street. -source 1880 City Directory, Collection Steve Powell (12.23.01)The Buffalo Co-operative brewing Company bar. The Gentlemen to the far right is Michael E Power(s) the two children to the left of (looking at photo)him are are his children, the taller one is George Strohmaier Power(s) the shorter one is Norman Eugene Power(s). Norman was born in 1898. This photo is estimated to have been taken in 1902. -Submitted by Norm Hamilton
More Images from the Buffalonian Collection
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