The Grandeur's of The Pan American Exposition -1901

Buffalo, NY

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Agriculture Building shown from the West End. A.O.W.U. Building.
Art Gallery Building. Part of the Albright gallery.
Court of fountains -West. A 5,000 horse power generator in Niagara falls provides the electricity for this shot.
Dairy Building
Looking East from the Mines Building. Dome of Government Building is visible in the distance.
Electric Tower by Day. John Howard, Architect.
Electric Tower by Night. The tower was studded with over 20,000 light bulbs to make this display. Esplanade and Fountain of Nature -West (Mines building can be seen at left).
Ethnology Building. Designed by George Cary of Buffalo.
Fisheries Building -North Front
Forestry Building.
Fountain of Nature looking East.
Government Building. 600ft long and 130ft wide. Filled with statues.
Government Building by Night.
Cover of the Booklet from which these images were taken.
Grange Building
Graphic Arts Building -South Front.
Graphic Arts Building -South Front.
Horticulture Building.
Louisiana Purchase Exposition Building.
Machinery and Transportation Building. 500 feet long by 350 feet long. Machinery and Transportation Building looking out on the mall.
Manufacturers and Liberal Arts Building. Spanish Renaissance Style.
Michigan Building
Minnesota Building
New England Building
Corner in Ordinance Exhibit- Government Building.
The Stadium
Temple of Music. Can seat 2,000 people. This is the building where Leon Czolgosz killed President McKinley on Sept. 6th, 1901.
Triumphal Bridge. Built to commemorate the United States victory over Spain in the Spanish American War.
Triumphal Bridge at Night. from the East.
Pan-Am at Night.