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Subject: Ballou family
My great grandfather was Carlton Ballou and his wife was Mae Pratt Ballou.
They lived in Buffalo during the late 1800's. Carlton was a teacher or a professor. I don't have anymore info on him or if he was born in Buffalo or
who his family was. All I know is that he either had a sister or his mother or a aunt or in-law named Emma Ballou as we have a stock certificate dated
1897 with her name on it for one share of 50 shares of "The Canada Mutual Mining Development Co. Ltd. owned by W.S. Reeve Publishing Co of Illinois.
My grandmother was Gladys June Ballou born Sept 23, 1894 in Buffalo. She was the daughter of Carlton and Mae. Mae was born about 1875-80 in Whitewater
Wisconsin. Her parents were Morganthee Pratt and Anna Colton. I have no dates on Mae and she died before my mom and her siblings were born. Mae had a
sister Sarah (Sadie) Ellen Pratt born July 5, 1878 in Whitewater Wisc. They spent a lot of there younger years in Minneapolis and area. I don't know
when Mae ended up in Buffalo and for how long. I also don't know when my grandmother came to Minnesota. That is where most of our family now is and
has been most of the 1900's. I have come to a dead end with my great grandfather Carlton Ballou and have not found his name anywhere on any of the
Ancestry sites. His name shows up on my grandmothers death cert. I am trying to find her birth cert. but NY couldnt find it. She never had a SS number so
that was a dead end also. I would like to find out anything on the Ballous. I have traced Maes family back to 1500's in England.
R Davis-Wooby


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