Buffalo Courier-Express, May 8, 1970

New Violence Flares at UB

University of Buffalo students throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails fought hit-and-run skirmishes with Buffalo and Amherst police on and in the vicinity of the Main St. campus Thursday night. The police forces responded with tear gas grenades.

Following a mass meeting in Haas Lounge in the Norton Student Union on campus, about 1,000 students spilled off of the campus onto Main St. about 9 p.m.

Met By The Police

The students ran North toward the University Shopping Plaza, Amherst where they were met by Amherst Police. Students hurled rocks at the police in the plaza and the Amherst Policemen fired tear gas canisters.

Three times the mob moved in a wave toward the plaza. Each time they were turned back by tear gas.

Police shut off traffic in Main St. north and south of the campus.

Buffalo police moved east in Main from Niagara Falls Blvd. while Amherst police moved west, forming pincers which forced students back onto the campus at 10:15 p.m.

Student Retreat

Buffalo police pursued the students onto the campus on foot and in vehicles. Students retreated to the main quadrangle of the campus behind Norton Union where they regrouped.

Police attempted to encircle the quadrangle while waves of students of students hurling Molotov cocktails attempted to break out of the ring. Police answered again with tear gas.

There were many arrests.

Elmwood Ave. Shut off

Buffalo police at the scene radioed for more gas masks.

Meanwhile, about 300 Buffalo State College students blocked Elmwood Ave. in front of the college for about an hour late Thursday night. Police moved in shortly after 11 p.m. and broke up the mob with tear gas.

Elmwood Ave. traffic was shut off by police at Amherst St. and Forest Ave. Extra police were summoned to the West Delevan Station from other precincts as a standby force. 

A small fire broke out in Rockwell Hall on the Buffalo State campus. Fire fighters were delayed  briefly by students trying to block their entrance to the campus.







Protester Arrested


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