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Courier Express August 24, 1951
CD Exercise Highly Rated
First International Test at Falls Seen From 2 Countries
Courier Express Niagara Falls Bureau

(09.16.01) Niagara Falls, Aug. 23 --A mock bomb turned the heart of Niagara Falls industrial district into a make believe shambles yesterday, but state civil defense authorities said residents of the area were 90 per cent effective in defending themselves.

The defense was set up with the aid of neighboring Canadians who for the first time in history joined in a CD drill.

At 9 a.m., a flight of fighter planes from the Niagara Falls Naval Air Base streaked up the Niagara River and dropped the mythical bomb. It landed at Buffalo Ave. and 24th St., heart of the cities industrial area, damaging property within a 12-mile radius.

Immediately air raid signals sounded through the chilly morning air. Traffic stopped. Pedestrians were hustled to air raid shelters.

Canadian Provincial Police Escorted and ambulance and two fire trucks, across the Rainbow Bridge to the United States. It was the first time such equipment crossed the border for a CD test.

Rescue and medical teams from Niagara, Orleans, and Genesee Counties rushed to the scene. They were joined by similar teams from Lincoln and Welland, Ont.

A newspaper-radio agreement between the two countries got its first test as radio stations WJJL and WHLD here and station CHVC in Niagara Falls, Ont. combined forces to broadcast the news of the test.

In the event of a real attack, newspapers here, Niagara falls, Ont., North Tonawanda and Lockport would pool facilities to supply news of the bombing and relief information.

CD workers set up a tent city to care for the 18,000 persons supposed to have been injured and the 8,000 whose home were rated as destroyed.

The test, which will be repeated September 27th, in Buffalo, October 25th in Binghamton, November 11th in Syracuse and December 13th in New York, was termed the most successful of the 12 conducted thus far by Lieut. Gen. Clarence R. Huebner New York State CD Director.






CD Drills at Niagara Falls
AFTER THE BOMB FELL ญญ-- Civil Defense units from Western New York and Canada went into action yesterday in the first international defense test after a mock atomic bomb attach on Niagara Falls.

10 Per Cent Warned

Huebner warned, however, that in the event of a real attack 10 per cent of residents who failed to heed CD rules would have added greatly to the casualty figures.

The test was termed and outstanding success by Hubert C. Gallagher, field director for the U.S. CD Administration.

Brig. Gen. J.C. Jefferson, assistant civil defense chief for Canada, said the mock attack was "another indication of close co-operation which is an accomplished fact with CD workers on both sides of the imaginary line."

The test also pointed up need for uniformity in fire fighting equipment not only between communities on opposite sides of the border, but between Buffalo and Niagara Falls Gallagher said the problem, in which only one city uses a larger size hose than the other, can be solved by adapters to link the two sizes.

A difference also exists between American and Canadian equipment in relation to the amount of threads per inch in adapters.

Gallagher suggested the federal government make emergency adapters available vital defense communities on the border.

Huebner, who headed a group of some 200 CD observers from many points, including Ottawa , Boston and Washington, described Niagara Falls and New York City as the two most vital New York State Areas. He said either city could be reached in an 11-hour flight by enemy bombers.

Huebner urged each individual to obey CD rules during tests and recommended at least one member of each family be trained in first aid.

He also urged each family to stock at least three to four day's food supply.




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