Buffalo Courier Express April 21, 1951

Buffalo Called Tops in Racial Co-operation


Urban League Hears Haverford Professor


(11.26.01) Buffalo is unexcelled in the nation with respect to co-operation between the community and industry in surmounting racial barriers, Dr. Ira D. Reid, professor of sociology at Haverford (Pa.) College, told the Urban League last night. he spoke at its 24th annual meeting at the Hotel Statler.

Dr. Reid attributed this achievement to efforts of the Urban league, community endeavor and the willingness of industry, science and the professions, "to recognize ability and not racial background."

He said it exemplified the meaning of the national Urban League movement to permit all men to strive for goals that should not necessarily be determined by race.

Earlier, League President George W. Wanamaker announced that one of its objectives soon will be accomplished with racial integration in public housing.

League awards for impressive achievements by members of the Negro race were presented to John B. Blanton of Bell Aircraft Corporation for his developments in jet propulsion and to john B. Thomas of the American Radiator & Standard Corp. for his work in labor-management relations.






Directors Elected

Elected new league directors were Irving A. Barrett, assistant vice-president of the marine trust corp., for a two-year term, and Ralph Peo, president of the Buffalo Arms Corp., three-year terms.

Renamed directors for three years were: Dr. Raymond E. Jackson, Miss Margaret H. Evans, Mrs. Edwin S. Miller, Sidney B. Pfeifer, Dr. Lloyd Burrell, Samuel Fleischman, Robert Herron, Robert W.  McNulty and Wanamaker.

The directors will elect officers may 16th.



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