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Dateline...Oct. 31, 1928

Dry agents summon man and wife to appear before federal commissioner


During Kensington Inn, Dewey avenue drinkery, Elmwood and Seneca street forays. Federal agents working under the direction of Dpt. Chief R.E. Langhans yesterday continued their onslaught on drinkeries in this district, calling on six places and confiscating quantities of beer, wine, and liquor. The largest single coup was made at the home of Fred C. Gebhard, 62 Fisher Street. The flying squadron reported to Chief Langhans the seizure of 149 gallons of wine in barrels, 48 quarts of wine in bottles, twenty quarts of brandy, one quart of colored distilled spirits and another quart of white wine. Mr.& Mrs. Gebhard were cited to appear today before Commissioner Timerman to explain.




Visit Aurora Road Drinkery

One squad invaded the county districts and accounted for the seizure of 268 pints and 93 quarts of home brew, twenty gallons of mash and five gallons of malt syrup in a drinkery on the Aurora road. Winchester William Seibert received a summons. Half a barrel of beer was seized when the raiders dropped into the Kensington Inn, 1016-18 Kensington Avenue. John MacMillan and Edward R. Vone were charged with violating the Prohibition law. Paul Olah and Albert Gileart were ordered to appear before commissioner Timerman today after a search of the drinkery of 144 Dewey Avenue.

Half a barrel of beer was seized when the raiders dropped into the Kensington Inn

Agents reported a seizure of 658 pints of home brew. Margaret Katsmarek also was cited when agents found a small quantity of colored distilled spirits at 1624 Elmwood Avenue. Charles Ganser, 2113 Seneca Street, also received a ticket when the agents discovered half a barrel of beer in his place. bar