Buffalo Courier December 31, 1920


Five Buffalo Places Visited--Three in Tonawanda Called on


Coincident with sharp controversy over the enforcement of the Prohibition law in this vicinity came the raiding of five Buffalo saloons and three Tonawanda places yesterday afternoon and last night by Chief Prohibition gent Edwin Waters and Agents Hanson, Trzybinski, Quinn and Bluenstein.The Buffalo raids were made by Waters and Hanson alone, armed in each instance with a search warrant...erved by

The List

The establishments raided last night and the amount of intoxicating liquors alleged to have been seized were as follows:

Place run by Michael M. Schwarziner at No. 644 Jefferson street. Seven bottles of whisky, six bottles of wine and four jugs of whisky were said to have been found. Proprietor was arrested.

Place run by Andrew J. Schuler at No. 466 Sycamore street. Agents reported they captured two bottles of whisky and two bottles of wine. Proprietor arrested.

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Place run by Joseph Marshall at No. 543 Broadway. Waters and Hanson reported they bought a drink of hard liquor. They attempted to get the bottle, but the bartender succeeded in breaking it, it was stated. A barrel of wine, found in a rear room, was confiscated, the agents said. Proprietor arrested.

Establishment conducted by Michael Lutkowski at No. 425 Military road. Agents said they seized nine quart bittles of whisky and two bottles of gin. Proprietor arrested.

Place conducted by Anthony Ruta at No. 429 Military road. Two five gallon cans of alcohol and a bottle of whisky and one of wine, said to have been found, were seized. Proprietor arrested.

Agents Tryzbinski, Quinn and Bluestein were in Tonawanda yesterday seeking rasinjack stills. Three men were arrested on charges of manufacturing liquor.

George Sapowich, No. 141 Niagara street, Tonawanda, was arrested on charge of having a 25-gallon still, three barrels of mash and some alleged finished product.

Barnie Jaksie, No.11 Stark street, Tonawanda, was charged with having a 15-gallon still, a barrel of raisin mash, and six gallons of liquor.

Peter Savich, No. 102 Cleveland street, Tonawanda was arrested on charge of having a 15 gallon still, a 25 gallon keg of liquor and a barrel of mash.

The prisoners were taken to the Tonawanda police station pending arraignment before a federal commissioner.



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