Women Motor to Saratoga Conference

Buffalo Evening News -Buffalo, New York

Monday, August 27, 1917

Mrs. Frank J. Tone of Niagara Falls is Piloting Western NY Delegation to Suffragists' State Convention [photos inserted of Mrs. Fred J. Tone , Mary Gawthorpe, Dorothy Thompson, Mary A. Carson, Barbara DePorter]

Buffalo suffragists began their automobile tour to the state conference in Saratoga early this morning, Mrs. Frank J. Tone of Niagara Falls piloting the Western New York delegation.

The squadron will be met in Syracuse by the forces of that district led by Mrs. Mary Hyde Andrews and in Saratoga. Tuesday evening, they will be join with a squadron of automobiles organized by Mary Garthorpe, chairman of the Western New York suffrage news bureau.

Meetings will be held along the way. In Syracuse tonight there will be a large gathering. Tomorrow meetings will be held in Herkimer and Little Falls.

Speakers for Meetings

The speakers for the mass meetings are Elsie V. Benedict of Denver,Col.; Mary A. Carson, Dorothy C. Thompson, Barbara DePorte, Mrs. Frank J. Tone , Charles B. Smith, Mrs. Dexter P. Rumsey, Carrie Flarida of Rochester, Mrs. Marie Ames Coleman, and Bertha Hiteshaw.






Many prominent men are to speak at the conference Wednesday. President WILSON has sent a message to Mrs. Norman deR.Whitehouse[sic], chairman of the New York State Woman Suffrage party.

"I learn with sincere pleasure," he says, "of your impression of growing sentiment for woman suffrage in the state of New York, and I shall look forward with the greatest interest to the results of the state conference which you are planning to hold in Saratoga. May I not express the hope that your efforts will be crowded with the most substantial and satisfactory success?"

Among the Western New York women who will be at the conference are Mrs. Frank J. Tone ,, Mrs.. Thew Wright, Mrs. Dexter P. Rumsey, Mrs. Frank Abbott, Mrs. John Hazel, Mrs. David Rosenswig, Mrs. Merrill Luss, Mrs. William Luss, Hannah Jefferson, Esther Dosder, Mrs. R.M. Stanton, Mrs. E.K. Emery, Mrs. Ida Grainger, Mrs. William H. Ellis, Miss Pauline Ellis, Mrs. Eliza Clarke, Mrs. Porter Norton, Mrs. Helen Z. M. Rodgers, Mrs. Charles van Bergen, Cecil Wiener of Buffalo, Mrs. C. Breed, Mrs. F.F. Perry, and Mrs. H.J. Morgan of Medina, Mrs. W.H. Hawley, Mrs. Sarah Clarke Austin of Perry, Mrs. Charles Sisson, Mrs. E.O. Reynolds of Alfred, Mrs. Roxanna Burrows of Andover, Marian Patterson of Jamestown, Mrs. Daniel McCool, Mrs. Herbert Woodward of Batavia, Mrs. Blanche Carr of Pavilion, Mrs. John Troy, Mrs. W.W. Brunk, Mrs. Katherine Bradley of Olean and Mrs. Alfred Leibold of Lockport. *

-Submitted by Linda Schmidt




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