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Buffalo Courier September 7, 1901




Neimann's real name was Leon Czolosz
A Image from the following day's paper of the assassin Neimann. Editors note: He confessed on September 8, 1901 to his real name, Leon Czolosz

J.B. Parker, a colored waiter of New York City, employed at the Exposition grounds by the Bailey Catering Company, was largely responsible for the Capture of Neimann. According to his story, he was directly behind Neimann when the latter approached the President. A young woman in front had just relinquished his hand to Neimann, when the fellow shot twice in rapid succession, Parker says:

"The shooting was so sudden I had no time to interfere, although I was pressed against Neimann. When the [sic] fired, I grabbed him around the neck with my right arm and tried to catch hold of the gun with my left hand. A special officer, whose name I do not know, got ahead of me and grasped Neimann's hand, handkerchief, gun and all. A number of Exposition guards rushed up, and through some mistake grabbed the special officer in the belief that he had done the shooting."

"I did not let go of Neimann, although he struggled desperately. He attempted to strike me, but I had him by the throat and he was at my mercy. I continued to choke him while the special officer attempted to get away from the guards and come to my aid. Neimann mumbled something in a language I could not understand and tore my vest nearly in two in his struggles."

"In a few minutes it became apparent to the guards that he had done the shooting and they came to my assistance. One of the men struck Neimann with his club as he was struggling with me. Then an officer in plain clothes rushed up, and aiming a straight arm blow at Neimann, felled him to the floor. We picked the fellow up and carried him to a private room where I left them."




waiter parker newsclip



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