The Daily News
Batavia, Genesee County, New York State
August 9, 1897

(07.08.02) Many Buffalo Wheelmen Went Over the Century Course Yesterday. Up to 2:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon the Hotel Richmond and the vicinity of the Court House park presented a lively aspect. Scores of dusty wheelmen and rows of wheels were in evidence, the occasion being the annual century run of the Ramblers' club of Buffalo. The run was made over the Buffalo-Le Roy course, and each rider making the trip is to receive a souvenir medal. Twelve young women finished. About 100 riders had dinner at the Hotel Richmond.

The starters from Buffalo numbered 245, but 18 fell by the wayside. The other 227, including the dozen women, made the full distance and got back to town last night. Some of the successful riders were fagged out by the time they reached the smooth asphalt pavement of the city once more, and none of them, not even the old-stagers, felt like running a footrace when it was all over. The youngest of those who finished was Ward JEWELL. He was but 12 years old.

On the out trip the riders were accompanied by Lyndon C. PALMER, Frank DECOT, and Harley TEMPLEMAN of Batavia, who went to Buffalo on Saturday to join in the ride. After dinner at the Richmond the party was photographed on the Court House steps by David WILLIAMS.

A reunion of the Press Cycling club of Buffalo and the Lake View Wheelmen of Rochester is announced to be held in Batavia on Sunday, September 5th.

Contributed by Linda C. Schmidt

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