The Daily News Batavia,

Genesee County, New York State

Monday Evening, December 14, 1896

Buffalo.--News from Rome is to the effect that the Pope has approved of the selection of the Rev. James E. Quigley to be Bishop of Buffalo to succeed the late Bishop Ryan. Father Quigley said he knew his name was on the nominating list, but his appointment came as a surprise, as he had received no official notification.

The Rev. James E. Quigley was born in this city October 15, 1855, and received his early education in St. Joseph's college, graduating in 1872, when he entered the Seminary of Our Lady of Angels at Suspension Bridge to prepare for the priesthood. His abilities attracted the attention of Bishop Ryan and in 1873 he was sent to the University at Innspruch[sic], Austria. In 1875 he was transferred to the Propaganda at Rome, and in 1879 finished his course and was ordained, the degree of D.D. being conferred upon him. He returned to this country and was assigned to the charge of a church at Attica. In 1883 the Rev. Edward Kelley resigned as rector of the Cathedral, and Dr. Quigley was transferred to the vacant position, which he has since held.

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A Democratic Paper's List of Seekers After Postmaster HALL's Position.

The Buffalo 'Times' (Dem.) yesterday, in an article containing many misstatements, wrote up the aspirants for the postmastership of Batavia. It said that Dr. J.W. LeSeur, William E. Prentice, District-Attorney LeSeur, Mayor Willis D. Sanford, Ald. Charles A. Williams, ex-Assemblyman John M. McKenzie, Ald. Frank C. Heal and City Clerk George E. Perrin are among the candidates. Pictures of Dr. Le Seur,, Mr. McKenzie, Mayor Sanford, and Ald. Heal were printed. So far as Dr. Le Seur is concerned he has told 'The News' that he is not a candidate and that he was not aware that his brother, the District Attorney, was in the field. + +

--Contributed by Linda C. Schmidt

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