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The Progressive Batavian,

Batavia, Genesee County, New York State

February 5, 1875


Nine hundred entries have been made for the forthcoming Poultry Show at Buffalo.

Miss Jeanette STANLEY, of Tonawanda, has been appointed postmistress of that village.

The Buffalo ice companies expect to put in 60,000 tons of pure lake ice this season.

A company has been formed in Buffalo for the purpose of manufacturing an imitation of marble.

Over a million feet of oak timber have been banked on the canal at Mt. Morris so far this season.

The freight business of the Silver Lake Railway, this winter, is larger than ever before at this season of the year.

Trichinae Spiralis has made its appearance in the town of Hamburgh, Erie Co. One person has died from it and a number are stricken down with the terrible disease.

An exchange says a Rochester girl had an offer of marriage the other evening, and rushing to the hall she called up stairs, "Mother, am I engaged to anybody now?"

Miss THACKERAY will visit America next week.

The new postal card will be nearly white, printed with black ink, and the border will be narrower.

By the United States Government statistics for 1871 it is ascertained, that the salaries of all ministers of the gospel amounts to $6,000,000. Cost of dogs, $10,000,000. Cost of tobacco and cigars,, $610,000,000. Importation of liquor, $50,000,000. Support of grog shops, $1,500,000,000. Whole cost of liquor, $2,200,000,000.

**Submitted by Linda Schmidt

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