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Progressive Batavian

Batavia, Genesee County, New York State

Friday, July 23-1875

Diptheria is raging in Brockport.

Medina has 700 scholars on its school rolls.

Cuba, Allegany Co., is afflicted with the small pox.

Steuben county has 51 Methodist Episcopal churches.

There are about forty cheese factories in Wyoming county.

Work has been suspended at the Union Car Works at East Buffalo.

Wyoming county has a fund of $8,500 to build a soldiers' monument.

They have a man dress-maker in Buffalo. Can such things be--in America?

A fire at Buffalo Sunday burned two shops belonging to the Buffalo and Philadelphia R.R., valued at $5,500.

A female burglar was sentenced last Saturday in Buffalo to ten years imprisonment in the Erie county penitentiary.Canandaigua has 27 places licensed to sell liquor. The 'Messenger' of that place says: "No wonder the jail is crowded."


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A drunken man fell over the bank at Niagara on Tuesday, falling a distance of over one hundred feet and came out alive. The Lockport correspondent of the Buffalo 'Sunday News' takes a gloomy view of the financial situation of the business community in the city of Locks. He asserts "that with the exception of perhaps one or two instances there is not a merchant on Main St. who is, or has been for the past two months, paying their expenses."

Miss Carrie A. BARRETT recently obtained a verdict of $3500 against the trustees of the Gowanda, Catt. county, Union School for leaving the school room floor in so dilapidated a condition that she, while attending to her duties as a teacher, stepped into a hole in the floor and injured her knee badly. Moral: Fix up your dilapidated old school houses.

The Niagara Falls 'Gazette' tells that a cat was thrown from the new Suspension bridge into the river for the purpose of killing it--It struck the water, 190 feet beneath with a thud, disappeared for a moment, beneath the water, then rose and struck out for shore which it reached in safety, apparently uninjured. The 'Gazette; makes this statement cat-egorically. The Bath 'Advocate' says: "Col. C.A. CANFIELD has been appointed Chief Engineer on the Attica & Arcade Railroad. It is 60 miles long, and connects with Atlantic & Great Western at Salamanca. The Colonel has taken with him his son Robert, and Frank CRUTTENDEN. Roberts acts as first Assistant Engineer, and Frank is to perfect himself in Engineering.

There are a great many little boys in this village who may be seen in our streets long after what should be their bed time. Most of them smoke, chew and swear, and some of them drink and fight. We wish to call the attention of their parents to the fact that these lads are fast developing into loaferhood, and unless they are checked their career will be a bad one. - 'Orleans Republican'. Ditto Batavia.


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