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(Buffalo Courier) Dateline...Feb. 28, 1872

-Strange to say, a negro minstrel most overflows with humor when he is corked up.

-The velocity of the galvanic current in iron does not exceed 18,000 miles per second.

-A bitter storm is brewing in England. The bitter beer brewers have struck, and not a bit o’ beer will be left to drink.

-The Arizona Miner says that since date of its first issue in 1867, more than 100 subscribers have been murdered by the Apache.

-bout burning him alive when he was rescued by the authorities.

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The river at St. Joseph, Mo., rose four feet in three hours on Monday, caused by the breaking of the Platte River, which was choked with ice. The temporary bridge was swept away, but the dykes and piers are uninjured.

-The horses in Arizona subsist on dry pea vines that would make a horse sick to look at in a civilized country; but the Indians outdo them. The eat grubs off the cactus and pepper them with the alkali of the plains to assist the internal machinery in cutting off the rough edges,

- At Gen. McIntosh’s camp on the St. Joseph and Denver Railroad, near Falisburg, Kansas, two or three days ago, a desperado called "Kentucy Jack," killed two men, one of them McIntosh’s clerk and another his cook. The inmates of the camp tied the murderer to a stake and were a