The Funeral Cortege of Our Lamented President

Republican Advocate
Batavia, Genesee County, New York State
April 25, 1865

The Funeral Cortege of our lamented President left Washington en route
for Springfield, Ill., on Friday, and will pass through here probably
between five and six o'clock on the morning of Thursday.
We hope and trust our citizens from far and near will assemble at the
Depot, and show their regard for the lamented dead.

For the 'Republican Advocate'
The Flag at Half-Mast.

The tones of rejoicing are silent to-day,
The earth-rocking echoes are still,
The joy-flash of glory has flickered away-
And the cannon is hushed on the hill.
There's a wait in the heart, and a dirge in the air-
There's a sigh that the lip cannot stay,
There's a gloom o'er the earth like a pall of despair,
And our flag is at half-mast to-day.

The pride of our country, her glorious son,
Our father, the chief of our land,
The God-given boon that our victory won,
Has fallen by a traitorous hand.
The star of his glory, high risen and clear,
Burned bright in its zenith-set ray,
And a nation exulted in Washington's peer,
But our flag is at half mast to-day.

Base hand! that would shatter the bright bowl of life,
Foul heart that could sanction its aim,
Did ye dream, dark assassin, the ball or the knife
Would shadow one moment his fame?
The stripes of our banner recoil at the deed,
The stars in their blue pale away,
And a nation's great heart at the centre doth bleed,
For our flag hangs at half-mast to-day.

Brave spirit of truth, so heroic and high,
No cloud can thy glory eclipse,
While our eagle's broad pinion is poised in the sky,
And liberty dwells on our lips.
They name, so immortal, fresh glory shall gain,
As centuries circle away,
And no more shall the light of they memory wane,
Than the flag hung at half-mast to-day.

Mollie E. ERWIN,

April 17th, 1865. Bethany, N.Y.


Editors Note: this is a poem about Lincoln, after he was assassinated-
written by a local young woman here in Bethany, NY (who went on to be a
schoolteacher, and later was a poet, though not well-known, she did have some
published work).

Submitted by Linda C. Schmidt







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