Republican Advocate
Batavia, Genesee County, New York State
September 29, 1863

Second New York Mounted Rifles.
The Best Chance to Enlist Yet Offered.
No Knapsacks to Carry! No Hard Marches! The Governor has authorized
the raising of a Regiment of Mounted Rifles, to meet the demands of Maj.
General ROSECRANS, for service in the South-West. This Regiment will be
numbered among the Veteran Volunteers and the highest Bounty will be paid.
Each man will be Mounted and armed with the Latest Style of
Breech Loading Rifles.

Bounties Paid.
Veteran Volunteers Re-Enlisting, United States Bounty and Premium of $402.
State Bounty, before leaving the State, of $150.
Total for Veteran Volunteers, $552.
Recruits: United States Bounty, $100.
State Bounty, in advance, $75.
Total for Recruits, $175.


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$50. on being mustered in with Company, and the remainder in sums of Fifty
Dollars at intervals of two and six months during enlistment. Men who shall
be honorably discharged for wounds at any time will receive the whole
Bounty. Men who have served over nine months and who re-enlist are entitled
to this very large Bounty. If the Government do no not require the troops
three years, the whole Bounty will be paid to the Heirs of those who die in

This Regiment will be officered by able and experienced Officers, who
have seen service.

Pay, Rations and Clothing will Commence from the Date of Enlistment.
For further particulars apply at Recruiting Office, Eagle Hotel Block,
one door west of Post Office.

L.R. BAILEY, Captain,
Recruiting Officer.
contributed by Linda C. Schmidt


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