Fort George Evacuated
Buffalo Gazette -1813

Fort George Evacuated!

Buffalo Gazette
Tuesday June 1, 1813.

This post was evacuated on Thursday by the enemy! On Friday, we issued this intelligence in a handbill, which we now republish, with corrections and some additional particulars.
On Thursday morning in conformity to previous arrangements, 1000 men under the immediate command of Gen. Lewis, embarked on board the fleet, lying near Fort Niagara under the command of commodore Chauncey; during the early part of the morning there was a thick fog, which prevented the landing until 8 or 9 o'clock when the vessels formed a carved [illegible] line off the point, beyond the light house, and in the rear of Newark; a van guard, consisting of 800 picked men (among whom were Forsyth's riflemen, and a number of the Baltimore & Albany volunteers), under the command of Colonel Scott, now put for the shore in about 20 boats, and effected their landing in good order: part of the [illegible] ascended the bank & were attacked by the enemy who had drawn his whole force to this point; they gave back and formed on the beach, spirited fire was exchanged for in minutes, which had little effect on our troops, they being partly sheltered by the bank; but the van guard ascended the bank amidst a shower of musketry, and compelled the enemy to give the ground: Col. Scott was ably seconded by a powerful and well directed fire from the shipping: a body of riding 2000 men made a [illegible] and the enemy prudently took up their line of retreat in the rear of Fort George; they flying artillery, (which had [illegible] landed) had played upon the enemy in his retreat with considerable effect.
Gen. Lewis now formed a line extending from the light house to the Niagara river above Fort George, to prevent the escape of the enemy, but all had made good hteir retreat, except a dozen, who had been left to blow up their magazines. Two small magazines were blown up -- a short time after which their principal magizine shared the same flames... The fort destroyed by our artillery alsone, it is inferior to none in the world. The enemy have retreated a few miles--- more fighting to be expected. Our loss 10 killed, a few wounded, Maj. King wounded in the arm. 13 prisoners have been sent over.

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Evacuation of Fort Erie!
About 4 o'clock in the afternoon of the same day, an express arrived at Fort Erie from the British commander below. It is understood that the express brought orders for all regulars to march immediately down to join Gen. Vincent on his retreat --and also, for Major Warren (of the militia) to open a fire upon Black Rock, and continue the same until the next morning, and then burst his guns blow up the magazines, and dismiss his men. He executed his orders. The batteries below the fort immediately opened fire upon Black Rock, which was returned and continued at intervals during the night. Early in the morning the destruction of the military stores commenced; all their magazines, all their barracks, public stores and store houses, from Chippewa to Point Abino have been blown up or burned.
Not a person was injured at the Black Rock during the whole cannonade. The barracks and several private buildings received a few shot[sic].
In the evening of Friday, Lt. Col. J. P. Peterson, commandant at Black Rock, crossed over with his regiment, and entered Fort Erie. From the humane and [illegible]... adopted by Col. Preston on his entrance into the enemy's territory...discriminating between friends and enemies. And his securing his well disposed in their persons and property, we anticipate that he will be very favorably received by the inhabitants of Canada.



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