A Major On-Line Local History Archive

The site is an ever-growing on-line local history archive, that gives the public easy access to our areas rich and exciting past. Powell, a local author and Buffalonian.com's founder, said he wanted the site to create a greater awareness of our past and promote heritage tourism.

The sites content covers a wide variety of subjects. You can click a button and find the story of the burning of Buffalo in 1814 told by an eyewitness,or click another and find an article about the antiwar movement in Buffalo during the 1960's.

"We have posted full text accounts of the region's history for the whole world to read at the click of a button, and it’s free. The site is growing and we will continue to add material each week.

Our intention is to provide the 'raw materials', such as news articles, reports, and stories that people can use to


This text is Copyright 2001 all rights reserved by Stephen Powell and buffalonian.com. This electronic text may not be duplicated or used in any manner without written consent of Stephen R. Powell or buffalonian.com™




construct their own history. Powell said.
The site also provides a free general discussion forum for people to talk about area history via e-mail.
"Students, tourists, businessmen, educators or anyone can with the click of
a button understand more of who we are and where we have been." Powell said.
The site will be updated weekly to give visitors good reason to return. "Fresh content is key here in keeping our site alive and entertaining, and most importantly, to grow it." Powell said. We established

The Peoples History Coalition, as a nonprofit corporation, to help grow the archive, and now we are looking for funding to help continue its growth.
Buffalo's history has finally caught up with the present and it is now
available on-line to anyone with access to the Internet. To view the site go
to: http://www.buffalonian.com/



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