The Peoples History Coalition
July 1, 2001
The Peoples History Coalition is a not-for-profit corporation that reaches out to the people by publishing history. We are a "not-com" providing content service to the public at no charge on a .com platform. We develop on-line web based archives and publish other materials utilizing multimedia formats. We develop and promote a general awareness of heritage and history in our viewers and readership.

To meet these goals, The Peoples History Coalition publishes The Buffalonian™, a news and multimedia on-line historical archive. The Buffalonian™ creates a participatory historical community that is dedicated to the history of Western New York and the Niagara Region.

The Buffalonian™ is on the web at making this web based publication a high efficiency, high impact outreach vehicle, available to the world at a relatively low production cost. We develop and republish accounts of area history for the whole world to read-- and we want the whole world to write to us. We invite people to post their history on our site!

Part of our mission is archive building, where we provide the ‘first article’ or 'raw material', for “the people” to use in creating and constructing their own history. We want to promote the history of the people. In doing so we facilitate the creation of "Participatory History."

We seek to publish historical content on the web and provide educational material to allow the people to educate themselves and help them develop their own historical identity. We also promote heritage tourism and we seek to develop an awareness of regional heritage in the general public.

The Peoples History Coalition believes in the preservation and commemoration of our history, and that it is compatible with the legitimate needs of our community and can be accommodated within our local governments plans for redevelopment of our region. At present our main outreach vehicles will be multimedia publications directed toward promotion and development history and heritage in Western New York and the Niagara Region.

In the future, The Peoples History Coalition will develop other heritage development outreach projects as resources permit.

Corporate Status
On July 4, 2001, The Peoples History Coalition has filed incorporation papers to become a New York State not-for-profit corporation under section
501(c)3. Our State Tax ID is pending receipt of 501(c)3 status.


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