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Linda Conpenelis Schmidt

Linda Schmidt is from rural Western New York.  Her interest in history prompted her to write a book about the former Poorhouse in Genesee County-Bethany, 1800-1900: The Poor House & the People.   Two years ago, she co-edited and published The History of the Town of Bethany.   Currently, two writing projects about the nineteenth century are works-in-progress, to be published in Fall 2004'one will be about the schools of Bethany, the other will be a book of poems.

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She works at the local school in her community; in her free time, she enjoys transcribing old newsies of Erie and Genesee Counties for online news and mailing lists; also, she is editor for a web-site about the town of Bethany:  BETHANY: Its Past and Present ~

 Aside from her love of history, she enjoys her backyard birds all year and her gardens in the summer.   Her husband and children are her greatest joys in life.     e-mail:

Recent Publications:

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

    Published in 2002: 

   The History of the Town of Bethany; this book contains the historical background of Bethany and its hamlets [Linden, Little Canada, West Bethany]; also, included is a surname list of Bethany Families contained within the book.   Cost: $7 (includes postage within the U.S.); order by e-mail'contact:

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

   Written and published in September, 2003:

   Bethany, 1800-1900:  The Poor House and the People; this book contains historical background about the former Poor House of Genesee County, which was located in Bethany; it also includes information about some of the  residents at the institution from the early 1800s to 1900 (over 900 individuals included), with obituaries, annual  reports, newspaper articles, and medical information [as available]. 

  A portion of the proceeds from book sales is donated to assist in supporting the Domestic Violence Program of Genesee County.

  Cost:  $25 [includes postage within the U.S.];

  Available for sale at Rolling Hills Mall in Bethany, or order by e-mail'contact:


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