A Round for the House:
A look at the cultural and social impact of alcohol consumption (drinking) on American history...

There is more to that drink that sits on the bar than you might think. Its contents have a history that spans thousands of years. Over time, the alcohol within the glass has been both praised and reviled. It's used to announce the birth of a baby, ease the pains of hard manual labor and to mourn the passing of an old friend. It’s also used to drown sorrows, escape reality, and dull the ache of loneliness.

Today if you go to any popular nightspot, it might be hard to believe that we actually drink less than the generations that preceded us. Despite the fact that we drink less, our drinking has become more dangerous than it’s ever been.

Whatever form it comes in, Beer, whisky or wine, has held a significant role in our society throughout history. It has influenced elections and it's been the inspiration for many of our laws. Regardless of your choice to drink or not, alcohol is a part of who we are, as people and a society.

-Release Date: Nov. 2003


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A Round for the House:

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Co-Producered by: Tom McDade & Steve Powell

Director: Susan McGowan

Locaton Director: Beth McCarty

Location manager: William Logan

Key Grip: Alfonse Demato

Post Production Director: Tom McDade

Audio Engineer: Warren Peace

Screen Writer: Steve Powell



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