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What is The Buffalonian?

As founder Steve Powell puts it. "We are a "NOT-COM" dedicated to the dissemination of historical information... We are a nonprofit organization creating an online community and archive."

Once upon a time there was a Western New York newspaper called The Daily Buffalonian.

The original Buffalonian was Founded in 1839 by Thomas Low Nichols who acted as publisher and editor.

The Buffalonian boldly printed what others only whispered. Nichols bravely published an article attacking six of Buffalo's richest and most prominent citizens of behaving as the power elite. Facing the same charges as his contemporary and peer PT Barnum, Nichols was tried, convicted and jailed for libel.

Using his jail time wisely, Nichols continued to edit the Buffalo from his cell, and later published his writings as a "Journal in Jail" which he kept during his four month Imprisonment in the Jail of Eire County[1840] .

The Files of Nichols Daily Buffalonian still reside in the archives of the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society. The paper reads with a sparkle and animation and often feels contemporary. Not only the Buffalonian but other papers from the 19th century--the Courier, the Express, the Commercial Advertiser--contain 'news' of value--and entertainment.

We have built a "new" Buffalonian to provide glimpses from and into the past to enrich the present.

The Buffalo jailhouse where Nichols served his sentence for libel in the Nineteenth Century

We want to give you verbatim accounts from the history of Buffalo. "History As News" is a concept developed by Dr. Ed Powell (my dad) that Thought would make entertaining and informative reading.

The popularization of history and the development our our heritage identity is our mission. As children we were not taught what everyday life was like in the "old days". What did average people do for entertainment? What lesser known events took place in our city? What is our local heritage?

The Buffalonian will show you all these things and much more in an easy to read format. You wont believe your learning about history!

We are a growing archive, and we do not claim to have "everything" on Buffalo history up here, but we are adding every week, so check back!

We hope you enjoy this online resource!


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